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ATTENTION: Women in Long Term Relationship and Married Women

If You Could Love Having Sex With Your Man ... Like a Bee Loves Honey ... and You are Doing it for You Because You Want to and You Enjoy it ... What Would That Do for You and Your Relationship?

Now Imagine Learning How to Do It in Only 12 Weeks...

Keep Reading to Discover How "Sexually Liberated Woman" Gives You the Mindset, Skills & Tools to Stop the Autoresponse of Stress and Anxiety Towards Sex and Start Embodying Lovemaking as a Place of Connection, Enjoyment and Playfulness

Are you a woman in a long term relationship or marriage who is frustrated and exhausted from the inner and outer battle because sex is not working?

If you said yes, please keep reading because I am going to show you how in just 12 weeks, you can transform your stress and anxiety around sex and turn lovemaking into a place of connection and playfulness, without feeling you are pushing yourself.

But first, let me explain why I believe I've earned the right to teach you how to quickly turn lovemaking into a place of connection and playfulness and remove any stress or frustration you may be experiencing. 

As a psychologist, sexologist and hypnotherapist I work with women in long term relationship from all around the world. And over the years I have found out why women in long term relationships are not able to connect with their partner intimately despite everything they are doing. Rather than believing in their authentic female sexual nature, they listen to their undervalued self.
What do I mean with undervalued self?
I’ll tell you in a moment.
But my point is, the reason for your sexual stress and frustration is because,

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You Lower Yourself Down, Keeping You in the Constant Grip of Pleasing Others and Feeling Depleted Which Kills Your Libido.

You feel guilt, shame and pain, even fear because the constant saying ‘no’ to sex creates conflict in your relationship. You are trying everything. You know your body is capable of doing it, in your mind you even want to want it. But somehow it doesn’t work.


Working closely with many women who are in this situation, together, we have uncovered a variety of reasons why they are experiencing stress around sex and intimacy. 

  • Not feeling appreciated, validated, supported, and safe

  • Feeling pressured, and not receiving enough body and mind stimulation 

  • Exhausted from over-giving and being in their head

  • Not sure how to communicate their wants, needs and desires

  • Feeling guilty about saying no to sex and like a failure, because "it should just work”


The problem with being in this situation is that whenever there is a spark of desire within you, you will unconsciously push it aside, not recognize it, because you are so used to focus on the other.


This is your undervalued self.


Pay attention, because this is one of the most important (and foundational things) you’ll ever learn about your female sexual nature. And if you don’t get it right now, it could cost you not only your wellbeing, your health, and a whole lot of enjoyment in life, but it could potentially also break your marriage. With all the associated loss of thousands of euros and hundreds of hours of stress and pain as a result.


Where most women think there is something wrong with their arousal and libido, or worse that they themselves are broken- what they are missing is the CRUCIAL step that comes before anything else;


The Way You Have Been Programmed About Sex and Female Sexuality.

This programming is what makes up your subconscious undervalued mindset and self-image. And you have been trying to fix your sexual problems from the same mindset and self-image that creates the stress towards sex and intimacy.


If this is the case for you, which is true for almost all women, I want to tell you it is not your fault. You may have gone to a therapist and invested in programs before, but no one has shown you how to own your sex and sexuality for you, and how to enjoy a healthy sexual relationship within a long term relationship. 

So, Keep Reading Because I Want to Help You Change That and Show You What’s Possible, Even Probable.

All you need to change your situation is a proven blueprint that walks you through the process.


A formula that helps you unlock your inner authentic sexual desire, grounds you into calmness, allowing surrender and play, and eliminates stress. 

"What Would It Be Worth To You If You Were Thriving in Your Relationship and Confidently Enjoy Intimacy, Sex, and Sexuality?

Sarah - Marocco
Rene - Australia
Elfriede - Netherlands
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I want to invite you into my unique ‘Sexually Liberated Woman Program’ to ease your sexual pain and stress…

Using what I refer to as “healing subconscious patriarchal-trauma-stress” and “unleashing your inner authentic sexual desire”.


Here is why that’s important.


All women are carrying patriarchal-trauma-stress in their body, no matter if they are aware of it or not. This has a huge effect on their libido within long term relationships. Without changing their deepest subconscious beliefs and mindset about intimacy, sex, sexuality, and female pleasure, you will never truly experience the enjoyment, connection, freedom and liberation within your marriage or relationship that you actually desire.


Sexually Liberated Woman shows you how to heal the subconscious patterns that create stress and how to turn the stress and anxiety you experience around intimacy and sex in your relationship into enjoyment. Unleashing your inner authentic sexual desire. And teaches you how to implement new ways of relating.


You see, to feel enjoyment, confidence, surrender, playfulness and liberation within your sex life, you have to master the mindset, embodiment, and energetics of the Sexually Liberated Woman.


The mindset and self-image that have got you to where you are today won’t get you to the next level of being a sexual liberated woman, a woman who feels free within her body and liberated in the bedroom.  


Being a sexually liberated woman is super empowering.

It takes more than saying yes to sex and pushing through the resistance.

It requires a quantum shift in your self-image and mindset.

A complete package to elevate you to become the person you need to be.


My Sexually Liberated Woman – Program is the industry-leading, high impact program that breaks down the three pillars you must master to take you from where you are now to a woman who enjoys sex from an open, surrendered and playful place.


But it does more than that.

PROBLEM (2480 x 3508 px)-3.jpg

Let me explain.


You and I both know that the stress you experience creates frustration, insecurity, negative self-talk, and a whirlwind of emotions. It all puts a heavy weight on your health and wellbeing, as well as on the wellbeing of your relationship and family life.


So instead of being constantly on guard, keeping yourself small and feeling guilty. I show you how to deepen the connection with yourself and your partner and to embrace a new sexual identity.


This means you will have non-sexual ways to connect intimately with your partner, as well as ways to enjoy sex from a place of deep connection and openness.


The result is you being deeply connected to yourself, your partner and life, enjoying renewed desire, feeling liberated and building a relationship that is positively boosting your health and wellbeing.

Introducing Sexually Liberated Women

A 12 week online transformational journey where I help you heal your stress and anxiety around sex, so that you can feel enjoyment towards sex and intimacy in your relationship.




Module 1 – Clarification / Education / Insight / Introspection


Module 2 - Connect to and Reveal Your Deepest Unfiltered Desires


Module 3 – Normalizing Sexual Conversation With Partner


Module 4 – How to Break the Cycle of Your Guilt and His Frustration


Module 5 – Embodying Inner Safety and Connection


Module 6 – Tools for Holistic Sexuality


Module 7 – Vaginal Discovery


Module 8 – Vaginal Renewal


Module 9 – Loving Your Man as Your King


Module 10 – When Fireworks Don’t Work


Module 11 – Embrace a New Sexual Identity

While All the Modules in the SLW-Program Teach You How to Create Connection, Enjoyment, Playfulness and Ultimately the Experience of Feeling Liberated ...

 … I Also Want to Expand Your Thinking About Enhancing Your Pleasure Capacity … Deepening the Embodiment of Your Sexuality … and Maximizing the Connectedness in Your Relationship. 

So, I am Including Five Fantastic Bonuses to do That … 

Valued at €4942!

Free Bonus: Ecstatic Love Course   (VALUE: €245,-)

Free Bonus: Live a Turned-on Life Program   (VALUE: €1975,-)

Free Bonus: Revolutionary Relationship Program   (VALUE: € 975,-)

Free Bonus: Pleasure Temple Program   (VALUE: €1550,-)

Free Bonus: Sexually Liberated Woman Hypnosis Audio   (VALUE: €197,-)

Kopie van Course Mockup Templates.jpg
Kopie van Course Mockup Templates.png
Here’s an Overview of Everything You Will Receive and have Access to So You Can Immediately Start Applying the Sexually Liberated Formula in Your Life to Create Connection, Enjoyment and Playfulness.

Transformational trainings to make you a sexually liberated woman  (VALUE: €2497,-)      

Live weekly interactive Q&A calls (11 in total) to embody the trainings on a deeper level and receive extra support during your journey  (VALUE: €2250,-)                                                

Exclusive Fb-group to meaningfully connect with other women in the program and be beautifully supported every step of the way (VALUE: €397,-)   


Embodiment practices to forever heal your sexual anxiety and turn lovemaking into a place of connection  (VALUE: €497,-)       


Guided hypnoses meditations to replace the limiting beliefs and subconscious patterns that block you from feeling desire and enjoying your playful sensual self   (VALUE: €497,-)


Journal prompts and PDF’s to get your mindset and your emotional feeling experience both in alignment for complete embodied transformation (VALUE: €497,-)                   


 Free Bonus: Ecstatic Love Course   (VALUE: €245,-)


 Free Bonus: Live a Turned-on Life Program   (VALUE: €1975,-)


 Free Bonus: Revolutionary Relationship/ Couples Cupid   (VALUE: € 975,-)


 Free Bonus: Pleasure Temple Program   (VALUE: €1550,-)


Free Bonus: Sexually Liberated Woman Hypnosis Audio   (VALUE: €197,-)

Total Value €11080,00 Worth of

 Sexually Liberated Tools & Teachings, 

But I Want To Give You Everything for


Only €3000,-

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Why So Low? Because My Mission is To Help Women Embody Trust, Connection and Safety Within Their Long Term Relationship so that Families can Become Whole Again and Filled with Joy, Playfulness, and Lightness. 

Kopie van Course Mockup Templates.png

I know what it is like trying to create wholeness in the family 

and deepen de connection with your partner while you feel sex is at the bottom of your to-do-list. Juggling your time between work, raising kids, household tasks, social duties, and spending time with your man can be stressful. Sensing you are expected to satisfy the others need while you are already exhausted can feel like the drop that overflows the bucket. 

I faced the same challenges, but now, through wanting change so much, not giving up and sticking with it, I have changed into the best version of my self yet. 

So, I have put the High-Ticket Clients Bootcamp together to help Coaches, Consultants, Trainers and Fee For Service Professionals learn the skills to quickly scaletheir business, sustain that growth, and have systems in place to maximize their profits. When a business is structured this way, it frees up the business owners time, so they  can help more people be successful.


Hear the success stories of these courageous women who turned their stress & anxiety around sex into enjoyment


Arden - USA

"Taking Marianne's classes was a big part of the healing that I needed before I could receive my daughter.


I would like you to know that I have used the practices taught in the classes so often and they have had a huge impact on my life! 


I was very blocked by the birth-trauma I experienced with my first child, and I needed to reconnect to my body, to myself, to my power, and to the universe before I could receive my daughter - and it really paid off because my biggest wish came true, and now my daughter is here every day to share this woman's journey with me!"


Sabrina, Graphic Designer, Austria

"I have become so much more aware of myself after working with Marianne, I feel much lighter.

Breathing is more important now and I can handle my feelings better.


I feel fully in touch with my body, my emotions, my sensations.


I feel a deep self-love now".

Yukka & Linnea - Finland

" I have to admit that this journey has truly been epic!"


We decided to work with Marianne because there was much tension and not much connection. It was very healing for us both and now we are much more connected and our family life is much more calm and fulfilling and we have upgraded our sex life too!


Elisa Calatabiano -Italy 


"Working with Marianne has helped me getting clear on what I truly desired in my relationship."


Her ability of guiding me in listening to my body has taken me to new horizons of pleasure. 

She has calmly and professionally held space for me and I felt her on my side all the time, present and with no judgements the whole time."

2018 Michaela-VA.jpg

Michaela French - UK

"I am 51 years old, I’m going through menopause and I am definitely not ready to become the version of the older woman our society advocates. Marianne’s program helped me to stand truly in the strength of my feminine self."

It helped me opened me up to my body in ways beyond my expectations and beyond any previous experiences. It was a journey of discovery in which I found my strength, and found my way back to myself.

I learned to nourish myself. I am now more confident in the way I meet the world. I healed old wounds and reconnected with my body, my sensuality and my femininity. I forged a new relationship with myself, experienced my beauty, and learned to trust my own wisdom. 


Marianne is a delight, she has beautiful energy, she is supportive, direct, open-hearted and full of life. I found her program sensual, spiritual, sexy, cleansing, energetic, transformative, supportive, healing and deeply satisfying. I continue a regular self-practice and my exploration keeps revealing new depths of knowing and understanding myself. 


I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Marianne, to learn from her and find ways to truly stand in my body, to love myself unconditionally and to trust myself to be the powerful woman that I know I am. 


Thank you Marianne, for your beautiful work!

Jordann - USA

"It has been really fun to learn to know what self-pleasure is, because before I was like, I don’t know what to do, and what I like. So, having someone guide me through has been really cool."


My biggest struggle was being seen, and being vulnerable, and the big wall I had built up, and I was not stepping into my full power. I really got a better understanding, for myself and in partnership, what I like and I also developed a sense of respect, love and self-worth in my body.

As you can see, Sexually Liberated Woman is not a quickly thrown together program. Every module and bonus are strategically selected to help you change the auto response of stress into enjoyment towards sex.


Yes, I know there is a lot to digest. After all, I am talking about you making a quantum shift in your mindset and your relationship.


To go from where you are now to where you want to be, requires you to learn new ways of thinking, feeling, and even being.


But I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed or worried that you won’t be able to learn everything in the 12 weeks.


Because I will give you lifetime access to all the modules and bonusses.


So, you can revisit any module and rewatch any video you like when you like.


And be part of an exclusive online community for 13 weeks, with a weekly training from my team to constantly improve your closing skills and receive support from the other members.


You see, this is all about taking you and your relationship to new heights. Showing you how to feel truly Sexually Liberated. To finally put an end to the stress around sex and intimacy in the relationship.


It is the beginning of your relationship transformation. You will learn how to 

embody safety, trust and connection from within you so that opening up in full intimate surrender to the other will be the most joyous thing.


And feel alive, playful and at ease while doing so.


Join Sexually Liberated Woman today and receive all the tools and support you need to make that a reality.

The Sexually Liberated Woman Program is for any Woman Who Wants to Enjoy her Sexuality with Confidence and Ease, 

Following my proven formula.

In Case You Don’t Know Who I Am, Please Go Ahead and Read My Bio So You Have a Greater Understanding of about the level of my work and how I’m unlike every other coach out there:


Hi I am Marianne van Katwijk, I was born in a small town in the North of The Netherlands with a rough fisherman culture. Yet, growing up I was having Shamanic visions of animals that belong to middle and South America - Something that was not part of the down to earth reality where I grew up. Being able to hold my stand in these two different worlds prepared me to become the sensitive, spiritually, down to earth therapist that I now am. Helping hundreds of women around the world connect to their natural authentic female sexuality. So that they can allow playful, calm, inner peace, joy and pleasure to flow freely through their body. 

Sexuality has always been an interesting subject to me. I see it as the life force energy that runs through everything in nature. The energy of the creatrix herself. Early in life I decided I was here on this planet to help humanity and make Earth a better place, and sexuality was part of that.


But it wasn’t until I gave birth and they applied an episiotomy that it truly became a mission in life. That day they cut my vagina and scarred me for life was truly the biggest initiation into carrying out my mission. Helping women turn the stress and anxiety they experience towards sex, sexuality, intimacy with themselves and their partner into joy, lightness, bliss, peace, and pleasure.


With a master's degree in Psychology and a certification that got me specialized as Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, and currently doing a top study to become a Hypnotherapist, I am among the top 1% of holistic, somatic and integrated sexuality coaches in the world. With my degrees, my knowledge, and lived expertise, I can truly say I am one of the best specialists out there to help women break free from the programming about sex and female sexuality.

Say goodbye to stress and anxiety around sex now!

Ready to Start? 

Join Today for Only €3000,- and in Just 12 Weeks You 
Will Have the Mindset and Confidence of
Sexually Liberated Woman.