Morning Bliss Breath Meditation

Amazing to have you here! And amazing you are going to start to use this meditation to bring more joy and bliss into your everyday life! YES yes yes!

Here are a few things you need to know when you follow the meditation. You can listen to the meditation on this page but you can also download the audio recording so that you have easy access to this meditation whenever and wherever.

You will be using your vagina muscles in this meditation to awaken your life force energy, but also to strengthen your vagina muscles. (which is super important for all women to make sure your internal organs stay in place)

Most of us women have never conscioulsy uses our vagina muscles, and it takes time to establish  the mind-vagina connection. So dont be hard on yourself! Give yourself time to repeat this meditation as often as needed to create a strong mind-vagina connection.

A little trick you can use before the meditation is to feel with your finger what is heppening down there when you inhale and squeeze your vagina muscle. Can you feel with your finger what is happening down there? This gives you bio-feedback so that it will be easier for your mind to "get it".

Also feel with your own hand if you can relax these muscles on your exhale. So you also allow your mind to know through this bio-feedback from your hand what it feels like to relax your vagina muscles.

Now you are ready for the meditation!! Enjoy!!



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